September 5, 2014
Summit Meeting: China’s New-round of Economic Reform and Prospect of the Development of Automotive Industry
China is at a critical junction for the further development. We have to readjust the economic structure, change the development pace, and find more strategic opportunities. As one of the pillar industries in national economy, automotive industry should play more important role in boosting China’s further development. The automotive industry should actively change the development mode and increase the international competitiveness to meet the requirements of the development of energy, environment, and transportation and make more contribution to the economic growth.  All relevant topics will be discussed at this session.
Zheng Xinli, Executive Vice President, China Center for International Economic Exchanges
Zhang Xiaoyu, Special Advisor, China Machinery Industry Federation & Honorary President, SAE-China
September 6, 2014
Plenary Meeting: Industry Reform and Direction and Orientation of the Policy
China’s automobile production and sales both rank the first in the world. Chinese automotive industry has become an important part of the world automotive industry. While the needs and necessity of the reform is increasingly apparent during China’s transition from a big auto country to a powerful auto country. The reform of automotive industry is one of the requirements of the state’s development strategies and is also required for the sustainable development of automotive industry. The industrial policy is the guidance and regulation for automotive industry. All the relevant topics will be discussed at this session.
Zhao Hang, President of China Automotive Technology & Research Center
He Shushan, Deputy Mayor, Tianjin
Wan Gang, Vice Chairman, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Minister, the Ministry of Science and Technology
Law-based Management and Development of China's Automotive Industry– Nian Yong, Chief Director, Industry Coordination Department, National Development and Reform Commission
Tea Break
Plenary Meeting: Enterprise’s Reform Practice and Planning
Reforms of auto manufacturers are crucial for the further development of automotive industry. The reforms in the management systems of auto manufacturers, the changes of business modes, the technological innovations, and the improvement of the manufacturers’ core competitiveness etc., will definitely increase the manufacturers’ market shares and profits and effectively boost the upgrading of automobile industry. All relevant topics will be discussed at the meeting.
Accelerating the Internationalized Development to boost the Building of a Powerhouse of Automobiles – Liu Weidong, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Standing Committee, Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Confidence, Deepen the Reform, Push China to become Car Power – Zhang Baolin, President, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) Thriving Auto Industry, Your Best Partner in China – Xu Hongxing, Chairman, Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (Nangang Industrial Park) Administrative Commission
Seizing the Opportunities in the Reform to jointly build a Powerhouse of Automobiles – Zhao Jiang, Deputy Director, Sinopec Auto-Industry Technology Co-op Center
Launch of Hybrid Powered Prius and Toyota’s Technology Innovation – Soichiro Okudaira,  the Senior Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation & President, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd
Renault – Nissan Alliance “Together and Stronger” – Toshiyuki Shiga, Representative Director & Vice Chairman, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Honda’s Progress in China – Takahiro HACHIGO, Managing Officer, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. & Vice President, Honda Motor (China) Investment Corporation, Ltd.
Brain Storming: Integration of Industries and Innovation
Collaboration with other industries is an inevitable trend in automotive industry. The emerging technology has greatly boost the innovation and development of automotive industry and facilitate the upgrading of automotive industry. The current situation and prospect of the collaboration between automotive industry and other related industries will be discussed at the meeting.
Wu Xinfa, General Manager, Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.
Dr. Rene Wies, Senior Vice President, BMW China Services Ltd.
Xin Keduo, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Customer Department, China United Network Communications Co., Ltd.
Yang Qi, Deputy General Engineer, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport & Secretary-General, National Technical Committee 268 on Intelligent Transport Systems of Standardization Administration of China
Greg Schroeder, Research Analyst and Assistant Director, MET, Center for Automotive Research
Dr. Donald E. Panoz, Chairman, DeltaWing Technologies Inc.
Subject Discussion: To improve the Core Competitiveness by Technological Innovation
With the increase of the influence of social resource environment on automotive industry and the higher requirements of consumers on products, more and more new emission control technologies, the safety technologies, and the intelligent information technologies have been introduced. Technological innovation is one of the important tasks for building a powerful auto country and also the key factor for the improvement of the core competitiveness of the manufacturers and their products. The innovation and future development of advanced auto technologies will be discussed at the meeting.
From Competition to Demand, and from Copying to Creating – Fang Hongwei, Chairman, Shaanxi Automobile Group Holding Co. Ltd.
Current Situation and Development Trend of Car Maintenance Product – Yu Xiaoqiao, General Manager Assistant, Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd.
China - From Volume to Value – Dr. Ralf Cramer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG, President & CEO of Continental China
From Vision to Reality-Automated Driving – Dr. Michael Fausten, VP Vehicle System Engineering and Automated Driving, Chassis Systems Control, Robert Bosch GmbH
Semiconductor Innovations are enabling the Development of Automotive Industry – C.S. Chua, Vice President, Automotive Division, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific
Dialogue: Collaboration Development of the Industry Chain of New Energy Vehicles
To vigorously develop new energy vehicles will be the breakthrough to the realization of transport energy changes and the emission reduction. The development of new energy vehicles in China has entered into market promotion period from demonstrative operating period. It now faces more development opportunities. The development of parts and components, the building of infrastructure, and the building of after-sales service systems etc. should be strengthened concurrently. All relevant topics will be discussed at this session.
Current Situation of the Development of NEVs in China and the Strategic Program – Ouyang Minggao, Director of Expert Team, Key Projects for the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles, the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program)
Dual-mode EVs is the Top Choice for Private NEV Users – Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of the Board and President, BYD Company Limited
How to Break through Electric Vehicle Market using a Service-oriented Manufacturing Strategy – Zheng Gang, General Manager, Beijing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Enlarging and Optimizing the Battery Charging and Swapping Service Network to boost the Promotion of New Energy Vehicles – Fu Yi, Deputy General Manager, Potevio New Energy Co., Ltd.
Tea Break
Brain Storming: Brand Management and Value Improvement
Automobile brand represents the performance, quality, and level of after-sales service of the products. Most auto manufacturers are introducing brand management to improve the added value and brand value of their products. The topics for brand positioning, brand building, brand strategy, and brand culture etc. will be discussed at the meeting.
Ye Lei, Director, Marketing & Sales Division, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company
Liu Zhanshu, Head, Strategy and Operation Management Department, Audi Sales Division, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.
Zhang Yi, Expert, Expert Committee, China Automobile Dealers Association & Vice President, China National Automotive Journalist Association
Steve Rad, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Management Solutions, IHS Automotive

Subject Discussion: Change of the Marketing in New Auto Consumption Period

The characteristics of the new auto consuming period include more breakdowns in vehicle types, regional consuming differences, and increasing demands of consumers etc.. Diversified consuming demands boost the change of auto marketing modes, transiting from extensive marketing to precise marketing. The new marketing modes, such as regional marketing, E-business marketing, and experience marketing should be introduced into automobile sales. All relevant topics will be discussed at the meeting.
New Characteristics of Auto Consuming Sector and New Trend of the Changes in Auto Marketing – Xu Changming, Director, Information Resource Department, State Information Center
Customer Satisfaction is the Core Value in the Operation – Fu Lianxue, Deputy Chief Director, Auto Technical Information Research Institute, China Automotive Technology & Research Center
Review of Performance of E-business Operators in Auto Sector – Hou Yan, General Manager, BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd.
Internet and Auto Industry – Li Bin, Chairman of the Board & CEO, BitAuto
Dialogue: Advanced R & D System Construction and Development Strategy
There is a gap between Chinese automotive industry and the world automotive industry. The industry structure, core technology level, and R & D capability should be further improved. To launch internationally competitive enterprise is one of the China’s crucial tasks in building a powerful auto country. The construction of advanced R & D systems and technological development strategy will be discussed at the meeting.
Enhance R&D Strength, Create Classical Product – Li Wei, Assistant President, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd & Executive Vice President, Changan Auto Global R&D Center
CPMA Development Strategy and Practice – Wu Jian, Executive Vice President, GAC Automotive Engineering Institute
PC Powertrain Trends – Dr. Jiang Hong, Managing Director, AVL China
Development of Advanced Energy-saving and Emission Reduction Technologies – Dr. Michael F. Tschantz, Director, Technical and Regulatory Affairs, MeadWestvaco
September 7, 2014
Plenary Meeting: To build a Green Future for Automobile Industry
The energy shortage and environmental deterioration are tough challenges for the sustainable development of automotive industry. The green development is crucial for the further development of automotive industry. Green development should be conducted in all areas of automotive industry, such as industry policy, technology development, product layout, manufacturing, and recycling etc., to realize the harmonized development. The relevant topics, such as the trend of energy saving and emission reduction, policy guidance, and the measures of the manufacturers will be discussed at the meeting.
Improving Financial Policies to promote the Healthy Development of Automotive Industry – Zhao Changwen, Director General, Research Department of Industrial Economy, Development Research Center of the State Council
Improving the Building of Rule and Regulation System to strengthen the Motor Vehicle Emission Control – Pei Xiaofei, Chief, Department of Science, Technology and Standards, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Current Condition of China’s Motor Vehicle Emission and Controlling Methods in Future – Wang Tao, Deputy Chief, Department of Pollution Prevention and Control, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Improving Taxation Policies to boost the Development of New Energy Vehicles – Li Qingsheng, Deputy Chief, Tax Policy Department, Ministry of Finance
Strategy for the Development of Fuel-efficient Vehicles of Japan –Toru ASAI, Director for Automotive International Trade Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
Vehicles and Emissions: Science, Policy, Technology – Margo Oge, Former Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Zero Emission Vehicles for Healthy Air and Low-carbon Transportation – Dr. Alberto Ayala, Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
Modern Clean Diesel Technology-assisting the Building of a Green Future for Chinese Automotive Industry – Mao Chunyuan, Sales Director, Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd., Wuxi
Tea Break
Plenary Meeting: Strategy of Building a Powerful Auto Country and Path
Automotive industry plays an important role in realizing China’ economic transition and upgrading, industry upgrading, the urbanization etc.. China has been a big automobile country, and it has a good base to become a powerful auto country. However, there are many internal and external challenges hindering the development of automotive industry. The establishment and introduction of corresponding strategies and feasible plan are necessary and urgent. All relevant topics will be discussed at the meeting.
Achievements of China’s Automotive Industry in Past 10 Years and the Future Development – Dong Yang, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Seizing the Historical Opportunity to realize the Innovation of Development Mode and Transformation of Chinese Automotive Industry from “Large” to “Strong” – BAIC Group
Ideas and Suggestions on the Strategy of Building a Powerhouse of Automobiles – Feng Xingya, Deputy General Manager, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
Related Standards of China Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure – Dr. Wu Zhixin, Director, Standard Sub-committee of Electric Vehicle, National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization
New Ideas on the Further Development of Automotive Industry are necessary against the Background of the Third Industrial Revolution – Wang Xiaoming, Researcher and Department Director, Research Department of Industrial Economy,Development Research Center of the State Council
Independent Innovation of Automotive Industry and the Ways to achieve this Goal – Wei Xuezhe, Assistant Dean, College of Automotive Engineering, Tongji University

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